Marinha Grande, a city known for its heritage in the glass industry, is a unique destination that combines tradition and magnificent coastal landscapes.

Glass Industry Heritage

The glass factories in the city, some with centuries of history, offer guided tours where visitors can witness the techniques of blown glass and learn about the evolution of glass production. These visits provide a glimpse into the art and innovation that have defined the identity of Marinha Grande. In addition, visitors can explore museums dedicated to glass art, displaying exquisite glass pieces and sculptures created by local artisans.

Coastal Landscapes

The Marinha Grande is blessed with stunning coastal landscapes that attract both nature enthusiasts and adventurers. The city is situated between the Atlantic Ocean and the lush vegetation of the Pinhal de Leiria, offering a wide variety of outdoor activities. Tourists can enjoy leisurely walks along the sands of Vieira or São Pedro de Moel beaches, soaking in the peaceful atmosphere and breathing the fresh sea air.