Discover Setúbal

Setúbal is a coastal city with a rich cultural heritage, stunning natural landscapes and delicious gastronomy. From the historic charms of the city center to the unspoiled beauty of the Arrábida Natural Park, Setúbal promises a memorable trip full of authentic experiences and always with Portuguese hospitality.

Setúbal's Historic Center

Every street and building is a living testimony to the city’s rich history. From the former Convento de Jesus, now home to the Setúbal Museum, to the imposing cathedral of Santa Maria da Graça, a stroll through Baixa reveals a charming blend of cultural heritage and modernity. Streets with cozy terraces and the Praça do Bocage invite visitors to explore every corner of this coastal Portuguese city.

Parque Natural da Arrábida

This stunning natural park offers breathtaking scenery, with paradisiacal beaches and hiking trails. It is a paradise for nature lovers, offering opportunities for hiking, diving, bird watching and simply enjoying the breathtaking sea views.

Península de Tróia

A boat trip to the Troia Peninsula is an unmissable experience in Setúbal. Visitors can enjoy panoramic views of the coastline, spot dolphins in the Sado estuary and explore some of the region’s most beautiful beaches.


Welcome to Setúbal, the city of Bocage and Luisa Todi, of fried cuttlefish and cataplana, of dolphins and flamingos.

Between the mountains, the sea and the river, this city combines the wonderful river landscapes of the Sado estuary, idyllic beaches of white and golden sands bathed by the clear waters of the Atlantic.
There are thousands of things to see and do in the region of Setúbal, from famous monuments to the best places for stunning views of the city, lush mountains or crystal clear water beaches.

Here are some tips with our Top 12 “Must Visit” in Setúbal and respective images:

Casa da Baía

Praça do Bocage

Forte de São Filipe

Museu do Trabalho Michel Giacometti

Casa da Cultura

Estuário do Sado

Mercado do Livramento

Museu de Arqueologia e Etnografia

Portinho da Arrábida

Casa do Largo

Fórum Luisa Todi

Casa Bocage