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At Cristal Hotels Group we believe in and promote the most unique and authentic that each city has to offer. From simple daily operations to the most complex procedures, Cristal Hotels Group has been assuming sustainability as a determining factor for social, environmental, and economic responsibility in the development of its activity.

In a constant search for excellence, quality and because we believe that the commitment we maintain to social responsibility and environmental sustainability will allow a more “Green” planet, we work for a sustainable future and define a set of “green” measures that aim to influence the attitudes of our employees and alert our guests to the importance of a rational use of all natural resources, based on the requirements established in the Biosphere standard.

It is essential to comply with all legal requirements applicable to our professional and work activity, but also to motivate and train our employees with training actions and awareness about the principles of Responsible Tourism, as well as to promote good environmental practices.

It is our intention and main focus to practice sustainable management through commitments aimed at preventing pollution, eliminating or reducing the environmental impacts induced by our hotels, as well as optimizing the sustainability of each hotel unit and ensuring continuous improvement of our environmental performance and Sustainable Tourism (social, economic and environmental scope), as well as customer satisfaction.

Locally, the effort in integrating our “brand” with the local community is increasingly evident, as well as the involvement of all our customers in environmental and sustainability practices.

Therefore, because we seek to ensure a greener and more sustainable world, the Cristal Hotels Group already has the following measures implemented:

More Humanity

Our commitment to our communities allows us to develop improvements in each of the cities where we are located.

We work with local associations to identify priority intervention areas. We stand by our employees in the face of all challenges, promoting their satisfaction and improving their working and living conditions.

. We create partnerships with social support entities in the regions for collaboration and socio-economic support;

. We prioritize hiring local people to provide support in our hotel units;

. Non-discrimination of any kind is guaranteed in the operation of our activity;

. We provide information to guests about the main points of interest of the cultural and natural heritage of the region;

More Green

We accept our responsibility towards future generations and therefore we must ensure that our present actions will result in a better quality of life in the future:

. Equipment is used to reduce the consumption of natural resources, such as flow reducers in the faucets and showers of various hotel units, low consumption lamps (LED) and motion sensors;

. Promotion and awareness of employees and customers for reducing water and energy consumption;

. We provide charging points for electric vehicles;

. Installation of solar collectors for heating sanitary water;

. Reduction in the use of disposable plastic materials, such as hygiene dispensers in all bathrooms, thus replacing individual products;

. Encouragement to separate waste, such as plastic, paper, glass, and organic.

Closer to you

Because it is together with local communities that we can and must make a difference:

. We prioritize, whenever possible, local food products in our restaurants;

. We drive local entrepreneurship, products and services from local SMEs, namely tourism animation agents in the region and service providers;

. We guarantee that our unit is accessible/inclusive to people with reduced mobility, from the rooms to all common areas;

. We collaborate with schools in the tourism area so that students can carry out their internships in our hotel units.


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